About Product Insights

I created Product Insights as an extension of my many years of experience assisting businesses with their product liability concerns and exposures. With limited professional resources out there for obtaining valuable help other than the legal community (who mostly focus on a narrow scope of evaluation), I provide feedback and pinpoint my observations regarding a company’s exposures and practical methods to address most concerns. I have reviewed hundreds of companies (large and small) over the last 40 years and I have a working high level perspective on product liability that most consultants don't come close to.

Our Services

Depending on my customer, I have a wide variety of services I can provide that are effective for both private industry and commercial insurance companies. Most companies or insurance carriers are interested in the same issues: what is the exposure and how well is it controlled?  What kind of improvements can be made? How do I educate the staff and make them more cognizant of product liability issues?  Serving as your “second set of eyes”, I can often identify concerns previously over-looked or provide a solution to an on-going perplexing problem.  I can help your company remotely or on your site.

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