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Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or a service company, the liability for your products and services can sometimes negatively impact your business when you least expect it.


In our present marketplace, injury and damages that reportedly result from the use of your product(s) are more often than not likely to result in some type of litigation. It’s important to understand your business product exposure and how it could affect your bottom line. Many companies do not understand their full liability picture until after they find themselves in court. Many of those same companies are surprised (in many cases even shocked) at the circumstances that resulted from this claim and as a result are unprepared to defend their company effectively. 


To complicate matters, our global economy has expanded its Import Exposure dramatically over the recent decade. Many businesses do not fully understand the perils of imported products and the limited ability they have to recover losses from product defects from foreign companies.


Companies that are unsure of their risk or would like to reduce the risk they now have can benefit from my consultation services. With over 40 years of experience working with large companies and international corporations I have gained and share valuable insight. I have evaluated hundreds of companies and products successfully.  I've learned where most companies make their mistakes and have presented cost-effective solutions to correct them. 


My services offer on-site visits and documented analysis of your business's current product risk along with suggested solutions to correct problems I uncover.  If needed I can review your entire management oversight process for all products & services and show your company how to build upon the present system being used or help you develop an entirely new Product Risk Management program.


I can also show you how to create a narrative on your company's products or services that will highlight and explain your operations in a format that will satisfy most commercial insurance companies during the quote process.  I am well schooled in what they are looking for because I'm the "insurance guy" that asked all those questions for the past 4 decades.  Like with so many of my clients I can help you avoid providing information in a manner that will either cause you to incur undue premium charges or to face total rejection of coverage altogether. I know the costly pitfalls that many businesses stumble into without ever realizing the mistakes they made. 
I am certified as both a Safety Professional (CSP) and a Product Safety Manager (CPSM).
It's worth a call to find out if I can help your business save time and money to become more successful.
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